Webcasting… Worldwide.  Your message is important to you and your audience, but sometimes not everyone can attend your meeting.  The Visionwork Group can help you deliver both the content of what is being said and what is being shown to the live audience, just like they were in the same room.  High definition broadcasts, rebroadcasts and archiving services are available so no one misses the all-important happenings in your organization.

We house the equipment, professional staff and knowledge to assist you in communicating your message to your desired audience, no matter where they may be.  High-definition video cameras, top quality audio equipment, live switching and editing capabilities and top-notch broadcast streaming components will ensure that your message gets out there.

We have the know-how and the equipment to film in any extenuating circumstances and will ensure that we get the shots that are needed.  If you need assistance in creative writing, storyboards or just a general idea of flow… we are happy to assist as well.  If it is talent that you are looking for, we can assist in finding the right “look and feel” for what you are trying to accomplish.  Our video camera experts and editors are experts in making your video vision a dream come true.

We also have a 24-hour support team to ensure that no matter the time of the webcast, we will get it out to your desired audience.  You can count on us to make sure that the delivery will happen.  Secure websites, custom design templates and specific audio requirements can be requested and implemented for your broadcast, as well.

Please keep us in mind for your upcoming webcasting needs.  We are happy to send you a quote provide information or talk to you about options for this detailed and specific service.

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